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PLANET Technology, a global leading IP-based networking company, was the first company in Taiwan to honorably receive “the 3rd Taiwan Mittelstand Award for Gender Equality” organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan, R.O.C., for its devoted effort in creating a friendly working environment and caring for the employment equality of its employees, regardless of gender, age or education.

With its continued innovation in networking and communications over 20 years and its branding across over 140 countries in the world, PLANET was selected one of the 64 potential Mittelstand enterprises in Taiwan this year, standing out from the fierce competition among the 182 companies which applied for the 3rd Mittelstand Award. The MOEA further invited the Gender Equality Committee of the Executive Yuan (Parliament) of Taiwan, R.O.C., to choose the best company in implementing the gender equality among the 64 potential Mittelstand enterprises in Taiwan in order to encourage the industries to focus on gender equality and practice of CSR. As a result, PLANET was awarded “the 3rd Taiwan Mittelstand Award for Gender Equality” for its achievement of treating its employees with equal employment opportunities and providing flexible working hours or working at home for those employees who face the issue of family care or studies.

Mr. Jack Chen, Chairman & CEO of PLANET, said, “We value our employees as the most important asset at PLANET; therefore, we strive to provide our employees with a healthy and happy working place. It’s the company’s policy for every employee to have the opportunity to grow with PLANET, regardless of age, gender or education.” Through our effort over the years, PLANET has grown to be a leader in the intensely-competitive global networking and communications market and has successfully built worldwide distribution channels over 140 countries.

Besides our core business, PLANET will continue to make CSR as part of its business scheme, thus offering equal opportunities for growth to its employees. As a result, PLANET will continue to provide high-quality, innovative products, making PLANET a sustainable player on the international scene.


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